Sleeping With Your Phone Charger Next To Your Bed Can Be Dangerous

July 5, 2019 18:31

It's no news that virtually all types of electronic devices affect our sleeping habits in an incredibly negative way. Still, it doesn't stop us from charging our phones in bed, which is harmful both for our health and our safety.

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According to a recent Facebook post published by the New Hampshire fire department, charging batteries in bed can become a significant safety issue both for you and for your entire family.

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The fire department shared a picture of burned sheets and pillows right beside a phone charger. It's the most significant proof of what can happen to anyone if you forget about the potential dangers hidden behind the use of a phone charger in bed.

Recent research has concluded that teenagers and children make for a highly vulnerable group, as 53% of them sleep with their tablet or phone charger next to their head or on their bed. The charger generates heat that can't dissipate, which makes it grow increasingly hot.

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Another investigation shows that 89% of teenagers and 72% of kids use at least one type of device in their daily sleep environment.

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The potential result is that the bed or pillow can catch on fire. That's the reason bed and pillows are the most dangerous places for keeping phone chargers.


It's essential for parents to warn their children and grandchildren about the potential dangers hidden behind sleeping near smartphones, but paying attention to where chargers are placed throughout the entire house isn't any less important.

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To protect your smartphone, tablet or laptop, always use an official charging device.

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In addition, you should check, whether your charger is certified for your device. In order to do so, just look for the 'Made for Android / iPhone' logo.

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Besides, you should avoid charging your smartphone in some extremely tough environmental conditions - when it's too hot or too cold outside, for example, because your charger can generate excess heat needlessly.

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Don't forget that all other devices at your home can also be detrimental to your health. Keeping computers, televisions, and smartphones out of your bedroom is very beneficial to you.


Still, if you already have plenty of devices next to the place where you sleep, you should at least unplug them all before going to bed.

Avoid using your smartphone two hours before bedtime and turn off your Wi-Fi router before going to bed. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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