5 All-Natural Ways To Beat The Life Clock: Look And Feel Fabulous No Matter Your Age

June 19, 2018

Everyone says aging is inevitable, but why not put it off until the very last moment? Believe it or not, curtailing the signs of age, like jiggly thighs and wrinkle-dom, is actually possible and it doesn't even require a personal trainer or a bucket of Botox. That's why we asked top experts to share their age-erasing secrets for winding back time in all-natural ways. Let's check them out!

Consume more fat

You didn't expect this one to be here, did you? However, experts prove that Omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in walnuts, seeds and avocado, are actually very beneficial to your health.

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They help to maintain your bone strength, stabilize mental processes, and even prevent visible signs of aging! How does it work?

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Well, Nicholas Perricone, a leading anti-aging expert, explains that Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation in your body, pulling the fat out of storage - from your belly, for instance - and using it as a source of energy. 

To make you healthier and keep your skin radiant, Michael Roizen recommends consuming 2 grams of Omega-3 daily. If you cannot get enough Omega-3 fatty acids from your usual diet, oil supplements can help you out.

Eat superfruit regularly

Have you ever wondered why hear so much about the benefits of pomegranates?

Dr. Oz explains that this fruit is much more beneficial than many others, as its juice can normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels and delay the beginning of atherosclerosis, and it can also  reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. What's more, health experts believe that pomegranate can even prevent some types of cancer and protect your skin from UV rays.

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Another promising age-erasing superfruit is goji berry, which contains 500 times more vitamin C than an orange and more iron than spinach! In fact, goji berry is the best possible type of natural antioxidant.

According to Dr. Perricone, goji berry is a seemingly limitless source of amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and selenium. In addition, goji berry has a youth-boosting effect, as it reduces fat, boosts libido, improves the immune system and enhances memory.

To make the most of superfruit powerhouses, drink pomegranate juice and snack on a handful of dried goji berries throughout your day. If you cannot stand the pomegranate's flavor, just buy its concentrate and add one tablespoon to plain yogurt or kefir.

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Drink green tea

All the health buzz around this magical dring only  gets stronger every year, and that's for a good reason. Green tea is proved to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer and even prevent remissions!

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At the moment, its efficiency in the prevention of colorectal, lung, and bladder cancer is being tested. According to Amy Yee, green tea has a unique ability to block the network that is linked to cancer progression.

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Dr. Roizen states that green tea is also an efficient weight-management tool, as it's capable of speeding up metabolism. Besides, drinking at least a cup of a green tea daily can help you keep your brain sharp as you age.

So try it! Drink one to three cups of this magical drink daily and enjoy its health benefits!

Get off the sofa

It's no secret that regular exercising helps you to build muscles, strengthen bones, improve your state of mind, boost your mood, and lose weight. Several studies investigate the connection between brain power and physical activity. And do you know what they have found out? 

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Dr. Small, from the UCLA Center of Aging, states that walking just 20 minutes daily can decrease the risk of Alzheimer's by as much as 40 percent! How does it work?

Exercising reduces anxiety and stress, wiping them out of your memory. As you walk, run, swim, cycle or dance, your body becomes healthier and your mood improves. Try it!

Enjoy yoga

Better flexibility, greater posture, reduced stress, improved mood, and boosted energy levels - these are far from being the only benefits provided by this mind-body workout. According to Cyndi Lee, yogic breathing fills cells with oxygen, ridding them of harmful toxins, making your skin radiant, and preventing illnesses.

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Unlike all other physical exercises, yoga is designed to work both outside and inside your body, which revs up the digestive system, improves the reproductive system, and even enhances your immunity. Try it yourself! Practice yoga at least twice a week, and give yourself an essential opportunity to de-stress.

Feel the love

Anyone who has something that makes them eager to jump out of the bed each and every morning knows that passion is a superpower! Having someone you're committed to works in the same way - it's the central motivation for all your activities. Gail Sheehy says that passion improves self-esteem and cardiovascular health, fueling the immune system and enhancing your mood. 

Experience the power of love and passion on your own. Banish isolation and boredom at all costs. It's upon you to choose what works best for you, be it physical passion or a new love in the form of emotional pursuit. Nevertheless, do whatever makes you feel blessed, energized, and young.

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All the tips listed above will definitely help you beat the clock of life and stay young, both in body and soul. Share them with your friends to boost their longevity too!

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