7 Essential Oils You To Benefit Your Skin, Body, And Mind

June 9, 2018

You're bound to come across essential oils every time you have a spa session, or buy perfumes, candles, and bars of soap. However, essential oils aren't only about the aroma. They have plenty of additional benefits, and that's why we've put together a list with the 7 most versatile oils you literally can't do without.


The next time you find yourself with a scar or a deep cut, apply a few droplets of lavender essential oil on the affected area.

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This oil has perfect healing properties, but it's also used as a pain reliever, a muscle relaxant, and an effective anti-stress sleeping aid. In addition, you may use lavender essential oil to hydrate dry skin and to treat insect bites or eczema.

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This essential oil can instantly cool off your skin, ease itching, and repel bugs. In addition, it put you in the mood for catching a few Zzzs, as this oil also has powerful anti-anxiety properties. 

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Lemon oil

Lemon essential oil is a very powerful anti-microbial agent. In addition, it can improve the functioning of neurological systems, boost your mood and promote the breakdown of fat.

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Mixing a few drops of lemon oil to almond oil will result in an excellent hand sanitizer. And by mixing lemon essential oil with soda, you'll get  an all-natural teeth-whitener. Finally, adding lemon oil to the liquid detergent, you'll grant your clothes a lemony-fresh aroma.

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This essential oil can soothe the skin after sunburn, which is especially important in the summer. When the captivating aroma of this oil is inhaled, it eases into the lungs softly, deepening your breath and relaxing your mind.

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As this oil is exceedingly high concentrated, you need just a single drop in a blend and use it to treat dry, mature, sweaty or cracked skin. This oil is perfect for all types of skin care. In addition, it enhances sexuality and sensuality, lifts up your spirits and relax the mind. 

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Tea tree

This oil has powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. That's the reason it's frequently used to battle bacterial infections. Tea tree oil can even be used to protect a wound, facilitate the healing of a scar or kill insects.

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To disinfect your clothes, add a few droplets of tea tree oil to your detergent. It can also be used as a desinfectant: All you have to do is to dilute a couple of drops of tea tree oil in water and use the mixture to wipe the surfaces.

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This oil helps metabolize fats and combat water retention. In addition, it can soothe your sore throat symptoms, heal wounds, and even improve your mood, as all citrus oils have great mood-boosting properties. 

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As you can see, evocative, sensual, and delightful essential oils can be used in several ways to bring an astonishing range of health benefits to your skin, bodies, and minds.

Source: CureJoy, NaturalLivingIdeas, MindBodyGreen

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