Teach Your Phone Good Manners: Top 10 Modern Etiquette Rules For Using Your Cell-Phone

August 1, 2018

We often struggle with what we should do and what we want to do. Society dictates we follow rules which are often ignored and neglected. Compared to the old times of chivalry, modern life is less chained to the obligatory etiquette and living by the rulebook, but maybe this is evidence of society’s decay in nobility and good manners. 

The etiquette of the 21st century has changed indeed. Have you noticed how inseparable we have become from our phones? We are constantly online, chatting with friends and family, but it often makes us forget about politeness. If you wish to avoid an uncomfortable situation or just show respect to other people's feelings, here is the list of good phone manners that we should all follow:

1. Never text a person with bad news: Breakups, deaths, dismissal of an employee. Some topics have to be discussed personally.

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2. Do not speak on the phone while using public transportation, unless it is urgent. You may reveal personal information that is not for everyone to hear. Moreover, you may just disturb others with the noise.

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3. Put away your phone when you are at a party, or sharing a meanl with family, friends or colleagues. It is important to be in the moment, participate in the conversation and maintain eye-to-eye contact. Browsing the net or using social media during these occasions is just plain rude and unacceptable..

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4. Don’t post pictures of family and friends without their permission. You probably won’t be so happy to bump over your own picture chewing on food or standing in a bizarre pose.

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5. When you interact with the attendants (a shop assistant, a barista or a waiter), do not ask them to hold on until you finish your conversation. You waste their time and show how disrespectful you are.

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6. Social media websites, especially the comment section available for everyone to see, are not the place for personal conversations. If you want to slug it out, it’s better to do it face to face or through private messaging.

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7. We often feel tempted to check our phones when we hear the instant message signal. But it’s an absolute DON’T if you are already in a conversation with a person.

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8. Mind your earphones. It is not polite to disturb people with the loud residual noises blaring off of them.

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9. Selfies are not appropriate everywhere. If you are at work, reduce the number of selfies to the minimum. It is not a good idea to take selfies at funerals, worship places, places where tragedies have taken place.

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10. Turn off the sound if you are attending an important meeting, a job interview, the cinema or the theatre, or any classes with a live audience.

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Technology is an integral part of our life now, but it’s not always wise to prioritize your phone over the people around you. Following the rules yourself, you will educate your children as well about having good manners when using cell-phones.

Source: Forbes, HuffingtonPost

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