Check Your Level Of Attention! Can You Find One Odd Image?

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September 12, 2018 11:12 By Mambee

What is your level of attention? If you do not know that, you can check it by taking a concentration test. The instruction is simple; there is one couple different from the rest. Can you spot it?

These types of tests are aimed at pointing out your level of concentration and ability to focus attention on one task. Usually, they can determine the level of patience and attention in children, and even perform a training function. Sitting down and having your eyes glued to one picture in search of a hidden image isn’t that easy, right?

Have you found the odd image among these couples? Here is the right answer!

Attention level contributes to the academic success and the ability to study.

There are many factors that influence the children’s concertation. They are the family atmosphere, relationships with the close people, individual physical and mental abilities. But the ability to sustain focus on one task without getting distracted means better educational results, while the lack of attention causes frustration and discouragement in the classroom.

There is a good news: it’s possible to improve the attention span! Here are few tips for the focus training:

Drink water! The dehydration results in bad concentration and confusion in mind.

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Meditate. It’s useful to block any thoughts and just let your brain relax. Pick the cozy and safe place, make sure nothing and no one will distract you. The research of the University of California at Santa Barbara concluded that students who practiced meditation for 10-20 minutes daily demonstrated better results in attention and memory tests.

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Train your brain. Reading, memorizing on purpose, making hand notes will be a great contribution to your brain health that can enhance the level of attention greatly.

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