'This Is So Not OK!' Internet Users Are Quite Bewildered By New Trend Of Fuzzy Tiger Toenails

May 13, 2019

When it comes to nail polish, some people can't get enough of the different styles and designs out there.

Best nail polish for older women

You don't have to ignore your nails when you get to a certain age. Learning how to accentuate them is the key. According to Marysfountainofyouth, you have to be careful with colors. Blue and pastel tones tend to draw the eye to noticeable veins, which you don't want. Red is a pretty good example of what you can go for.

JL-Pfeifer / Shutterstock.com

If you're darker or tanned, then brown and chocolatey hues are nice. You can also embrace plum and burgundy as well.

Would you try this new trend?

Every once in a while, something new pops up on the internet and people just cannot agree on whether it's a good or bad thing. And this nail trend might be one of them.

An Instagram account, @nail_sunny, shared a couple of videos celebrating a type of nail design that looks sort of furry and can be compared to a tiger's skin. The post itself got a lot of likes and views, but the comment section seems to be divided.

There were a few people who liked it. One Instagram user, @soccerkatt_1124, posted:

Low-key kinda cool.

Not everyone agreed, though. For one thing, some were a little concerned about how long the nails were and whether they would disrupt daily activities. In fact, @itsjustcharlie, asked:

How do you even like... human with this?

@Weird_summer had a similar question;

I just don't understand some of these nail designs. Like, how do you put on shoes?

Some people simply didn't like the overall look. A couple of commenters described it as "disgusting" and one Instagram user, @kingnoramusic, commented:

So we're just gonna pretend like this is ok? Which psycho got this done?

And @pamboyle526 said:

This is so not ok!

Alexander Lukatskiy / Shutterstock.com

Like most trends, this furry tiger nails can't everyone's cup of tea, but those who love it can actually give it a try. And others will just have to keep looking to find the perfect nail style they love.

Tips for healthy nails

Regardless of how you choose to decorate your nails, keeping them healthy is the most important thing. A few tips for maintaining lovely and healthy nails include:

  • Keep them clean;
  • Clip and file them regularly;
  • Don't over-indulge in acrylic or gel treatment;
  • Protect your nails with a base coat before painting on them.

Elena Vasilchenko / Shutterstock.com

The appearance of your nails says a lot about your personality. So choose whatever colors and designs that make you feel good and confident. It's really all about what works for you.

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