The Best Food That Works As Good As Antidepressants And Helps Battle The Blues

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March 13, 2019 15:15 By Mambee

For every person, it is natural to feel down once in a while. Difficult life periods can make us lose the ground and seek help in medications and antidepressants. We don’t realize that the cure may be right in front of us!

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Food! Yes, the food we eat plays a major role in our body and the way our brain works. So when you notice your energy is low and along comes apathy and the feeling of melancholy, try to add this list of food to your diet.

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Walnuts supply omega-3 fatty acid that boosts brain work and promotes mood uplifting.

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Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries

These berries work like the best antidepressant due to their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory function.


They contain folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid, which promote the production of the neurotransmitters responsible for a good mood. It happens due to the ability of folic and alpha-lipoic acids to block homocysteine, a substance which naturally suppresses good-mood neurotransmitters.

Green tea

Green tea leaves are a powerful source of theanine, the amino acid that helps relax and rehabilitate from stress.

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Sweet potatoes

It reduces blood sugar levels and enriches the body with vitamins B6, which helps improve your mood.


This fruit is rich in vitamin B, folic acid and omega-3, which promotes brain health and contributes to curing depression.

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Dark chocolate

The only "sweet" to make the list. Dark chocolate has antidepressant properties because it helps release serotonin, the happiness-related chemical produced by the brain.

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Go sugar-free

Quitting sugar might be the best decision on the way to battle depression and chronic fatigue. The excess of sugar is connected to decreasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor. The lack of this protein is responsible for the development of depression symptoms.

Contributor to the MooDFOOD program, which targets preventing depression through food, Anika Knüppel says:

Diet is a great way of active self-care and self-love — a key in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is often used to treat anxiety and depression. I believe seeing oneself as worthy of self-care and therefore worthy of being fed with nutritious food is a great step.

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Making efforts and paying close attention to changing one's diet may become their greatest helper in overcoming depression.

Knüppel suggests focusing on:

  • Opt for gluten-free products;
  • Incorporate lean protein in your daily meal plan;
  • Favor food rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as vegetable oils;
  • Avoid or limit sugar, saturated fats, and alcoholic drinks.

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Preventing depression starts with self-care and healthy meals! It is that simple.

Note that being blue and suffering from clinical depression are two different things. Therefore, if you notice that your low mood lingers and you keep experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, loss of energy and concentration, loss of sleep and rapid weight loss without any diet, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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