Adult Baby: A Woman Who Wears Diapers And Drinks From Bottle Finds Herself A Daddy-Boyfriend

June 19, 2019

Have you ever dreamt you could go back to those days when you did nothing but sleep and eat all day? Some people go further than simply daydreaming.

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People living the "adult baby" lifestyle are called many names, but they have a community of their own: Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL). They buy customized "baby" furniture that is appropriate to their size, drink from a bottle, and enjoy the softness and comfort of diapers.

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Some people mistakenly believe that this age regression can be quite dangerous, but the truth is that those in the ABDL community don't have any mental disorders.  In fact, they are interested in items and activities related to behaving like or pretending to be children.

Jess, a 23-year-old YouTube blogger, has more than 164,000 subscribers on her channel.

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As an "adult baby", Jess likes to wear nappies, drink from bottles and ‘regress’ back to her infancy.

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She often posts videos of her bedtime routine and her nursery at home, clothing hauls and her relationship with her boyfriend, Stephen. The woman says that her boyfriend takes part in the ABDL lifestyle and that it is an extended part of their relationship.

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Stephen says that his favorite thing about being Jess' daddy is caring for her.

The fact is that Jess suffered abuse when she was just two years old and the trauma of her early years lead to depression and anxiety. The young woman, who works as a nanny, said:

“Age play is really my best escape and it allows me to reclaim the innocence of my childhood and have it play out the way I always wanted."

The girl says that the ABDL is only one part of her life and that, while subscribers see her as a baby or a toddler, she is still very much an adult.

"During the day, I'll just be me - normal, adult me... I work full time, I do my YouTube channel, streaming and other stuff like that. I have my own website, and then I also have other hobbies. I like to do art, I like to sing - just normal things.

Adult babies are obviously aware of their age and know the difference between being an adult and being a baby. They choose to experience this way of life because it makes them feel happy and satisfied. That’s why no one should criticize their choice. And honestly, wouldn’t you like to go back to that time when your only problems were waiting for someone to change your diaper? 

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