Mum Perplexes Internet Users With Her New Bizarre Idea On How To Clean A Loo Brush

May 14, 2019

Recycling is a watchword in almost every household today. Most people are aware of the environmental problems the humankind faces and do their best to find fresh uses for their old items. Moreover, the concept of the three Rs - reuse, reduce and recycle - is a general mantra we all know.

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The first two of the three "R's"  are, in fact, the most successful. Reusing, for example, stops waste creation by giving a new life to an old item. Sometimes, however, people invent quite weird methods of waging combat against waste production

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One British mom has recently suggested a really strange method for cleaning her bathroom toilet brush on Mumsnet. The woman asked Internet users:

'Would it be absolutely disgusting to put loo brushes in the dishwasher on their own, on hot setting, followed by a hot wash on empty?'

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Understandably, most people were sickened by the idea:

"I have no idea but I wouldn't do it. Tiny particles of faecal matter flowing around my dishes. 

Another user added: 

 "Yes I agree about the reusing thing, as much as possible. But putting loo brushes in the dishwasher is gross and not very efficient as you would be using a huge amount of water. Bucket of hot water is a good idea!"  

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While some people slammed this innovative mum for her bizarre idea, others said it was simply 'genius,' commenting:

“Of course it's fine ! Dishwashers temperature is set to kill all bugs.” 

“Of course you can. People put chopping beards that have had raw chicken on. That doesn't somehow magically contaminate all else.” 

 Some, however, rationally questioned the environmental aspect, adding:

"I don’t think I would do that. Just wondering how much all that hot water/electricity/detergent would compare financially and environmentally to getting some cheap new loo brushes?"

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Although the idea of washing a loo brush in the dishwasher remains controversial,  you can still use any other eco-friendly methods. For instance, you can fill a bucket half full with hot water and add 2-3 cups of washing soda crystals to it. Then, place the loo brush into the mixture for a few hours. The method is also effective and will remove odors and stains, and keep your brush in top cleaning conditions.

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