Makeup Transformation: Woman Who Has Burns Gets A Beautiful Makeup To Display Her Inner Beauty

June 26, 2019

Makeup is a broad concept, and it has multiple effects on people that apply it. Aside from its alluring impact, it also has a psychological and social impression on its users. Makeup influences people's perspectives so that they see you in a new light, which in turn boosts your self-confidence and promotes interaction. 

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publication revealed that a positive correlation exists between the constant use of cosmetics and physical self-esteem. And this is seen in the story below.

An epic transformation 

The implementation of makeup has done a lot for women all over the world, and it has happened yet again. A makeup artist, who goes by Goar Avetisyan on Instagram, remodeled the beautiful Jamilya from Kizilurt in Dagestan. Jamilya is a burn survivor, and the incident happened when she was two years old. Although she survived, she escaped with deep scars on her face. 

Despite the scars, Jamilya is a beauty to behold, and all that the makeup artist did was to bring out Jamilya's 'inner beauty' with her products. The makeup was generally in nude tones, and she paired it with silver earrings. Goar Avetisyan uploaded the finished work with a touching caption and ended it with: 

"it's hard to ask this question, but how do you like the transformation? Did I manage to highlight her inner beauty???" 

We think it is absolutely gorgeous

It turns out that Goar Avetisyan is a specialist in creating magnificent looks and she has several pieces of evidence on her social media accounts. 

Makeup has never been a testament to a person's beauty. It only helps to enhance it. True beauty comes from within, and Jamilya is proof of that!

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