How To Turn Your Window Sill Into A Garden With Just A Glass Of Water: 15 Plants You Can Grow This Way

November 15, 2018

Perhaps you have always been envious of those neighbors who have such a big yard and their very own cute garden.

While you may not achieve the same result without a proper patch of earth, you can definitely make a whole lot of lemonade from the lemons you have.

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All you need are mason jars and some water.

Here is a list of 15 plants you can grow this way.

1. Peppermint

All you need is a healthy, fresh cut. Remove all the leaves except two pairs, then place it in your jar of clean water, submerging it only a few inches and voila! Your peppermint garden has begun. 

2. Basil

What it needs is a lot of light exposure to flourish. Take your cutting before the mother plant begins flowering.

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3. Thyme

This dries out fast so you would have to place it in the water immediately after you get your cutting. It is advisable to get your cuttings only from green plants, preferably around mid-spring to early summer.

4. Sage

Keep in an airy place with medium sunlight to avoid mildew and cut in spring. Other than these caveats, your sage is happy to be in your kitchen.

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5. Lemon balm herb

Perfect for making teas that cure indigestion. Keep it under indirect sunlight and wait 3-4 weeks for the fruits of your labor.

6. Spearmint

This is a lot like peppermint so it will be pretty easy to cater for, too.

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7. Chives

Belonging to the onion family, it has lots of uses and it is pretty easy to grow.

8. Oregano

All you need are a few leaves and boom! They grow fast so keep an eye on them.

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9. Stevia

Growing in direct sunlight, it can serve as a natural sweetener for your tea. You could also grind the leaves into powder for the same use!

10. Rosemary

The sweet-smelling plant will make your kitchen smell heavenly. It should be kept in direct sunlight.

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11. Celery

Cut out the base, place it in jar with a small amount of water and, within a few days, it will regrow.

12. Carrot greens

Carrots will not do well without soil, but the green leaves, which can be added to salads, are another matter. Place the green ends in a shallow bowl of water and watch them grow.

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13. Garlic

If you put cloves of garlic in very little water, they will sprout green. These can be eaten, especially in salads.

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14. Green onions

They are super healthy and easy to grow. You only need a few bulbs to keep the supply endless.

15. Chinese cabbage

All you need is a shallow bowl of water.

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Since roots prefer to grow hidden from light, you could get colored jars or wrap them with paper. Also, the mouth of the jars shouldn’t be too wide, so your herbs will have some support.

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It does not take much to turn your room or kitchen window sill into a blossoming garden filled with aromas that tickle the senses. Good luck trying these out!

Do you need more inspiration today? Here is a fun video to boost your creativity to the maximum!


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