Police Department Gives Safety Tips During Holiday Shopping: Carrying A Carabiner Can Save Your Purse

November 7, 2018

Ever lost your purse or phone to a purse snatcher or pickpocket? A very devastating occurrence. One second of distraction and that’s all it takes for them to do away with your belongings.

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So when shopping, or taking a stroll, paying full attention, knowing where all your belongings are and making sure they are held tight in place can prevent theft.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can't pay full attention because you are busy with something else.

For instance, when shopping at the mall, your mind is calculating what to buy and what not to, trying to work within your budget and not go over the bank.

Someone who has been watching you sees the opportunity that you are distracted, and at once goes for the move, so fast, you can't do anything to stop it.

Good news! There is a solution for you.

The New Hampshire Police Department has a nice little trick for you that will keep the purse snatchers permanently away from you.

Very unbelievably easy but effective.

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While shopping, the police department has advised using a carabiner to clip the handle of your bag to your shopping cart.

This little trick has been used by rock climbers all over the world to keep themselves from falling while climbing. If they can rely on this trick how much more you when it comes to safeguarding a purse.  

As we all know, safety always comes first, and this little precaution can save you a whole lot of hassle and troubles.

So why not get a carabiner that costs little to nothing and saves yourself the stress of having to replace your items? It is not only the money that is important, but also the cards and documents which will cost you a lot of stress to retrieve them.

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It is also advisable that when shopping, you leave your essential cards such as your identity card out of your purse, take only your credit card and cash you will need.  

Take this precautions while shopping and save yourself the regrets. Happy shopping

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