Winter Is Coming: Teach Your Preschoolers These Awesome Coat-Wearing Tips In Preparation

September 21, 2018

Winter is fast approaching, and not in the ‘Game of Thrones’ kind of way. As children may have difficulties putting their winter coats on, this season can be very demanding for parents and teachers, who are tasked with the duty of keeping preschoolers warm and fuzzy. Nevertheless, you do not have to carry the weight of these responsibilities alone. By simply teaching your kids these coat-wearing tips, you are well on your way to feeling lighter! 

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The flip method

  1. Lay the jacket down on the bed or low table, with the inner part facing up;
  2. The child should stand at the top of the coat - that part where the collar or hood is;
  3. Tell the child to dive arms into the sleeves as they bend down;
  4. As the child stands up, teach them how flip the coat over their head;
  5. It’s done! The coat is perfectly doing its job. Everyone's happy, right?

However, some kids struggle to follow this process, so you can try an alternative approach.

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The hood first strategy

Of course, if your coat hasn't got a hood, this method won't work for you. To get a hoodie on, this method is the simplest way for kids.

  1. Make sure the coat zipper is open and place the hood right on your head;
  2. Search for one of the sleeves and slip your arm through the hole;
  3. For locating the other sleeve without stress, the sleeved hand can be used to pull the other side of the coat towards the front. Then, run the arm through the sleeve;
  4. Perfect! Done and ready to wear.

Practice always helps master the fastening of zipper, snaps or buttons, but the important thing is to get the coat on, and this is already achieved.

What do you think about these tips? Were they helpful?

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