10 Surprising Ways You Can Use Salt In The Home

August 14, 2018

Salt has been used as a way of seasoning our foods for many years. But a deeper look into its properties has shown that this ingredient can actually solve some household problems.

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According to the Salt Institute, there are thousands of ways to use salt in the home. Let's look into some of them below. 

1. It can be used to clean grill pans

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Pour a handful of salt in your greased pan and then wipe it clean.

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2. Remove shoe odors

Pour some salt in a cloth bag and place inside each shoe. It helps to absorb the funky odor,

3. It removes ketchup spills

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Pour some salt onto the ketchup stain. Let it to absorb it for about 20 minutes. It becomes easier to clean.

4. It keep ants away

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Sprinkle some salt where you see ants congregating to keep them out.

5. It prevents fruits from turning brown

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After slicing apples or potatoes, for instance, soak them in salt water to keep them from turning brown.

6. It gets the garlic smell off your hand

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When you finish slicing garlic or onions, wet your hands, rub some salt over it and rinse to get rid of the smell.

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7. It unclogs your drain

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Mix 1/4 cup of salt and the same amount of baking soda. Pour the mixture in your sink. Wait for about 30 minutes then pour hot water.

8. It quenches kitchen fires

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Pour a generous amount of salt on an open flame to kill it quickly.

9. It adds volume to your cream

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Add a pinch of salt when mixing cream to achieve a peak volume. 

10. It prevents hot oil from splattering

Before adding your meat/fish to the fry, pour some salt in the oil to prevent splattering.

Because this seasoning is very useful, it's important to store it well to get optimum freshness. According to Saltrevolution, you should always store salt in airtight containers.

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