10 Useful Keyboard Combinations To Simplify Your Life

November 14, 2018

How well do you know computers? We all are pros at using a mouse and we are capable of doing anything with just a few clicks, but not everyone knows that special key-combinations can make our life easier.

Are you ready to find out more about these “magic tricks”?

1. If you want to make a screenshot of an active window

Alt + PrtScrn

This combo takes a quick snap of your active window with no need to edit the screenshot.

2. If you want a screenshot of only a part of the screen

Windows key + Shift + S

The combination works for Windows 10 only. It gives you a chance to select an area of the screen that you want to snap. It will be saved to the clipboard.

3. If you want to use Emoji

Windows key + Period Key (.)

This set of keys will activate an emoji keyboard that you can use in any messenger. It only works for Windows 10, though

4. If you closed the tab you needed

Ctrl + Shift + T

Don’t panic if you accidentally closed the tab you needed while working in your browser. Press the combination of Ctrl + Shift + T and it will be reopened!

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5. If you want to minimize all windows

Windows key + M

It happens that you open too many windows and then it takes time to minimize them one by one. You can handle it in just a second by using this combination.

6. If you want to lock the computer

Windows key + L

This combination locks the computer and switches to the waiting mode. It is especially useful when you need to leave in a hurry.

7. If you need to open a new tab, but remain on the current one

Ctrl + click

Keep Ctrl and click on the link that you want to open. It will openin the new tab, but it wont switch to it at once. So you may remain on your current page with no interruption.

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8. If you want to find a file or folder

Windows key + F

Sometimes we do not remember where to search for a folder or a file. But this combination will run a search for us.

9. If you want to find something on your page

Ctrl + F

Use this combination and type anything you wish to find on the page you are currently browsing.

10. If you want to undo the last action

Ctrl + Z

We all make mistakes! But it is easy to fix it if you know this magic combo. It will undo your last action.

Was it useful? Learning how different key combinations work can make your life easier, and improve your computer skills.

How many have you already tried?

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