Why Should You Put A Coin In The Freezer Every Time You Leave The House? To Check How Fresh Your Food Is!

June 19, 2018

Have you ever returned home after a long business trip, vacation, or a weekend away with your family, and noticed your electronic clocks showing the wrong time?

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If you've ever faced this situation, you know what follows: You realize that there was a power outage but you have no clue how long it took for power to be restored. Therefore, it's impossible to tell how fresh the food in your fridge is.

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Maybe the outage last no more than a few minutes, but it may also have lasted for day or two, in which case the frozen food thawed, spoiled, and then frozen again. As a result, you have no idea if this food may still be safe for consumption. It's commonly known that defrosting and deterioration of food are very dangerous, as after these processes salmonella and some other bacteria are likely to set in!

If you're thinking of leaving your house for a couple of days, you shouldn't give this simple but effective trick a miss. It will help you easily find out whether there was a power outage and how long it lasted. 

This trick is about the use of three tools everyone has in their homes: a coin, a mug, and some water.

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This amazing lifehack was shared by Facebook user Sheila Pulanco Russel, and it went viral right away. Just fill a mug with water and put it in the freezer. When the water is frozen, put a coin at the top and return the cup back to the freezer.

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When you come back home, open the freezer and see where the coin is located. If it's still on the top, you have nothing to worry about, as there was no power failure.

If you find a coin in the middle of the cup, it means that there was a relatively short power failure. Most probably, all your products are still fresh.

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When you find a coin at the bottom of the mug, it means you should immediately toss all the food out! The power outage was long enough for food items to melt and freeze once again, that's why they're no longer safe for consumption.

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It's an amazing and easy-to-use trick, particularly useful if you're planning to leave your house for a long time. Anyway, if you're not sure that the food is still fresh, it's better not to eat it. The most important thing is your health, so double check everything before you put it in your mouth.


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Source: Sheila Pulanco Russell / Facebook

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