Quick Cleaning Challenge: 10 Not-So-Obvious Cleanup Ideas To Start Doing Right Away

May 4, 2018

No, no, no - your room is a huge disaster again! Books in your bed, necklaces, hair ties, cords, and chargers snaking around the room, while empty cosmetic bottles, snot-hardened tissues, hairspray-sticky surfaces, and a dresser is buried under the pile of crap!

Ok. Breathe deeply. Do not ever panic! We've dug up some not-so-obvious cleaning tips that can send you sprawling with their effectiveness.

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Perfect blender wash. Yes, it does exist and is very simple. Just pour a little water into the blender, add a droplet of detergent, and turn the device on for a while. After that, just give the dispenser a wash. Ready!

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Mattress disinfection. Sure enough, you can make the most of cleaning company services while lying still in a hammock and sipping juice. However, you can easily clean the mattress on your own with the help of a spray! Just mix one part alcohol and two parts water and sprinkle the mattress with it. Let it dry. The alcohol will kill bacteria and disinfect the upper layer of the mattress, making the bad smell vanish.

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Freshness in the fridge. Use silica litters to make your fridge smell fresh. If you have a cat, silica kitty litter is the best possible way to keep your fridge smell fresh, while mineral litters may not have any effect. Also, you should avoid wood litter, as it has its own smell.

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Bright clothes. Add a half glass salt into your washing machine or wash the clothes manually in this mixture, and the colors will become as bright as on the day of the buy-out.

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Say 'no' to calc! The unusual mix of half grapefruit and salt will help you forget what's it like to see the calcareous deposit in your bathroom. Just cut a grapefruit a half, put salt on one of the fruit's halves, and rub the sink or bathtub with it. However, you should be careful, as using large grains of salt mat damage your bathroom surfaces.

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Long-living frying pan. The simplest way to damage the surface of a frying pan is to wash it right away, while it's still hot. It will make the food burning on it, so it will be much more difficult for you to wash off all the greasy spots.

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So, wait until the pan is cool, and only then begin to wash it.

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Newly-bought items with stickers. Believe it or not, price stickers on new items can be easily removed even if you can't peel them off manually. Just use a hairdryer for a minute or two. You'll see how the stickers come off easily, not leaving any trace. Yes, miracles happen!

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Ageless jewelry. To make gold look like you've just bought it, rub your jewelry with a piece of cloth soaked in light beer. The result will make you go down like a bomb, as what you'll notice is a pure gold. However, you should never use this method with jewelry with diamonds, as beer will darken and ruin them.

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Perfectly clean grill. In fact, grease on the grill can be removed with the help of an ordinary white onion. Just cut a half of it and put it on a fork. Then rub the grill with the half onion while it's still hot. This method will make your grill clean faster and make any new food taste better!

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Clean knife block. Sometimes cleaning a knife block seems to be an utterly impossible task, especially if it's made of wood. Sounds familiar? Then try cleaning the holes in the block with a thin wire. Then use a hairdryer in its strongest mode to remove the remains of the dust. Just do it near a bathtub or a sink to prevent litter from flying all around you.

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Did you like these tips? Maybe you also have some lifehacks that you can share away? Tell us in the comments about your hundred-percent working ideas!

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