Mom’s Bucket Cleaning Hack Idea Is Genius And Has Gone Viral

October 12, 2018

Being a mom is a full time job and more so when your kids are still young. Because of this, most moms might need all the life hacks they can get to help them through this phase. But what makes this bucket idea so special?

Jessica McGinty is a mom and a blogger who invented an idea that will help you manage your kids better. Jessica owns a parenting blog on Facebook, where she writes about her journey through parenthood. Being a mother of three, she definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to parenting – and her life saving hack proves it.

The brilliant thing about this idea is that it works for grown-ups, too. If you want to stop picking up everyone else’s items from the floor, then this is the way.

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The Brilliant Idea

According to Jessica, who uses the name “Mishmash Moments” on Facebook:

Today I got the kids buckets. If they leave it lying around, it goes in their bucket. If it’s still there at bedtime it goes in the bin because I’m not cleaning it up.

The idea seems quite simple. Jessica has a different bucket for each kid. She keeps each of her kid's things that's lying around the house in this bucket. The kids are expected to pick their things up from their bucket and put them back in their rightful place. If the items are still there at bedtime, Jessica feels justified to throw these items out in the bin. And because no kid wants their stuff thrown out, the parent always wins.

People's Reaction

This post has since gone viral. Because most moms know how frustrating it can be to clean up after their kids, there have been a lot of positive remarks on the post. Most moms commented on how the idea is pure genius and how grateful they are for it. Here are some of the comments:


There have been a lot of hacks to help with parenting over the years, and they have always made people wonder why they never thought of the idea themselves. Now, we know how to keep the house clean at all times even when we have kids around.

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