Women From Chinese Village Manage to Maintain Such Shiny, Voluminous, And Long Hair Thanks To Ancient Beauty Secrets

July 2, 2019

Different women hold different parts of their body in high esteem. For some, it's their tones legs; for others, it’s the length of their hair.

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According to The Sublime Woman, some women believe long hair is important not only because it enhances their beauty but because it serves as a form of protection.

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In old times, long hair was seen as a symbol of wisdom. People believed the hair had some psychic powers that gave people the ability to think.

While this hasn’t been scientifically proven, many women of Huangluo village, in the Guangxi Zhuang region, seem to buy into the idea as they have managed to keep their hair long, voluminous and shiny for many years.

Eijnsight reports that, in 2017, the Guinness Book of World Records named the place as the 'world’s longest hair village.' Women who hail from the Yao ethnic group and live in the town are said to have an average hair length of 1.5 meters.

Also, the senior women in the town still rock shiny, black hairs instead of the usual gray color. What, then, is the secret to this Rapunzel-like look?

The constant use of fermented rice water is apparently responsible for their lengthy and shiny hair. This fermented solution is mixed with natural ingredients, such as ginger and tea seeds, and used as a shampoo.

The rice water is rich in vitamin B, and this boosts the melanin production of the hair. The added tea seeds contain various amino acids that serve as active surface agents that remove specks of dirt.

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The natural shampoo has anti-itch and anti-dandruff properties and helps control scalp oil levels.

Are you interested in this life hack? Here is how you can make the shampoo at home.

  • Mix rice water, orange peel, tea seeds, and slices of ginger in a ceramic container. The orange peel helps lighten the fermented smell of the shampoo.

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  • Close the lid tightly and store at room temperature to allow fermentation.
  • After about ten days, the jar will give out a faint sour scent, and this shows that the shampoo is ready for use. Pour the required amount of shampoo into a container and use it on your hair.

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Other beauty benefits of rice water

  • It can be used as a facial cleanser and toner;
  • It is used to treat acne and eczema;
  • It soothes sunburns.

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If you want your hair to be long and healthy like the women's of Huangluo village, you could give this method a try and watch your hair shine!

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