Did You Know Plants Help Deal With Stress? More Time With Flowers Promotes Health, According To Experts

November 28, 2018

Stress is part of everyday life, but if

It's never a bad idea to spend on some greens when decorating your house. When adding those finishing touches to your home, purchasing some choice indoor plants is more than an excellent idea.

These indoor plants can help with more than mere aesthetics and can be beneficial to your health and well-being. Experts recommend that a potted plant is placed in every 100 square feet of your home for maximum benefit.

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Here is how plants can improve your quality of life:

1. They can remove toxins from the air: While there is conflicting research on the matter, spaces with more plants are associated with cleaner air.

2. It can help you feel less sick: Your senses may be easily irritated by dust and dry air, but plants have a microclimate which subtly increases the humidity in the air.

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3. It can help boost your mood: Spending time taking care of plants can improve empathy, according to research.

4. Horticulture Therapy: This is gardening as an accepted form of therapy.

5. They could help you think better. 

What are some recommended indoor plants and their benefits?

Many indoor plants help your mood, and we will be looking at 8 of them.

1. Basil: This widely used culinary herb can boost your mood because it contains a compound known as linalool.

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2. English Ivy: This lovely indoor plant has been known to purify the surrounding air.

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3. Geraniums: They are beautiful and, besides, they produce a scent associated with peacefulness.

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4. Lavender: Peace of mind and lower levels anxiety have always been associated with this plant's scent.

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5. Boston Fern: This is another natural air filter that can remove  toxins from the air.

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6. Roses: Roses are also quite pleasant to look at. More importantly, but their scent leaves one feeling less stressed and much more comfortable.

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7. Peace Lily: Mold be gone! This plant is known to remove mold from indoor air.

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8. Orchids: These plants spruce up the place and add a modern touch to your space. They also help improve positive energy.

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How do I take care of these plants?

Indoor gardening can be slightly intimidating, but it is a delightful and rewarding hobby once you get the hang of it. Find some tips below to help you maintain a flourishing garden:

1. Winter break: During the winter months, these plants tend not to grow or develop much. Rather than adding fertilizer to force growth, let them be and tend to them till spring when they blossom once more.

2. Be observant of changes: Many issues give off warning signs, and if you observe them early, you can always prevent them.

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3. Watch the sun: The position of the sun changes with seasons, so you need to be observant enough to move the plants accordingly to get their required sunlight.

Life can be genuinely stressful. Thanks to these plants, we can carry on with our regular activities filled with a sense of calmness and a highly improved mood.

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