10 Classified Tips To Help You Access Various Information Through Google

April 3, 2019

With technology, life only gets better. Unfortunately, not everybody knows their way around the internet when looking for information.

Here are some easy ways to quickly access information that would usually take a while.

1. Synonymous search results

In some cases, we can't recall the actual name of what we want to search, and we give up on the search.

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Here is something you can do to aid your search: write synonyms to the word you have in mind, and use “|” or “or” to separate each synonym.

Then, it’s simple enough to settle on the result that creates the foremost sense.

2. Excluding irrelevant details

This is a case where you add a minus sign before a word that you don't want in your search.

As an example, if you wish to search out a website concerning kitchenware, but you aren’t trying to shop for them, you can simply search for “kitchenware” and “-buy.”

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3. Discover similar websites

When you have difficulty finding a similar website to the one you know, there is a solution for that too. Simply type “related:” and the site URL together.

4. Utilizing intervals

We often want to enlighten ourselves about some historical events. You can achieve that by adding three dots between the range of years, the incident occurred.

5. Quotation marks

Quotation marks are essential when you are searching for a specific phrase from website content.

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Randomly typing the words will bring search results where the words are randomly arranged. However, with quotation marks, it will result in an accurate arrangement, the specific structure you want. 

6. In-depth search

If you intend to share a particular sentence or phrase from a lengthy online article, then this can be quickly done. Type the website and a keyword or phrase from the part of the article that you want to share.

7. The relevance of the asterisk

The asterisk symbol can be used in place of a forgotten word or phrase. Just type the parts you can remember, and put the ‘*’ in the place you can't recall.

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8. Access variations of a subject in a single search

If you are looking to gain a variety of knowledge from various websites, then you should add ‘~’ in between the words you want to search for. It will result in variations of the same subject.

9. Multiple missing words

This is a situation whereby you can't remember some words from the phrase you want to search for. You should include the ‘+’  before the first word, then type the number of missing words.

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10. Inquiring about a Title or URL

If you want to find keywords or the title of website content, then include “intitle:” before the search phrase. As for a URL, use “inurl:” before the keyword.

No information should be inaccessible to you as from henceforth. Share these tips with others to help them find information easier and better.

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