Trip Back To School: Solving A Simple Equation Can Boost Your Logical Thinking

June 26, 2019

Day in and day out, math and science teachers hear the same question: “When will I ever use this?”. Yet, think for a moment: Why do people go to the gym to ride the stationary bike? It's not because they want to compete in the stationary bike Olympics but to build up their endurance and strength.

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 Math, in fact, is like a gym for your brain. So let's take a few minutes and go for a brain workout!

The truth is that despite how you felt about algebra and geometry classes, or even basic addition and subtraction, math is important in everyone's life, not just for accountants and engineers. Although teachers try to explain the practical applications of such fundamental learning, many students don't understand how it will help them down the road.

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Doing a math problem helps practice the problem-solving steps. Moreover, these steps are applied even while solving different everyday situations. First, we define the problem, think of ways to solve it, implement a solution and, lastly, we evaluate the results.

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What about that equation? Have you been able to come up with an answer? If you arrived at 6, then congratulations. /

If you still struggle with the correct answer, you need to follow the right order of operations. First, do the operation in the parentheses, which gives us 2. Then, do the multiplication: 12*2 = 24.  Finally, subtract what you get from 30. 

30 - 24 = 6

That is how we got the right answer!

Easy, isn't it? 

You may never need to use the quadratic equation in your adult life, but the process of learning can boost your brainpower. By practicing how to solve mathematical problems, you optimize your ability to make complex decisions and make your life easier and more pleasant. 

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