This Viral Math Problem Might Make You Feel Like You Need to Go Back to Grade School


May 16, 2019 18:23 By Mambee

We all know that math can be really complicated. Almost all students fuss about doing math lessons and practicing problem-solving. However, being an adult, you probably understand how essential it is to balance a checkbook, compare prices in a shop, pay bills or simply be on time.

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All these everyday tasks show why math matters. When you grow a little older, it's especially useful to keep your brain sharp and fresh. Thus, we have a problem for you that will put your mathematical mind to the test. Time for a bit of a brain workout!

Need a hint? Well, think of the importance to track the mathematical order when solving this challenge. Think if it's possible to calculate it the usual way, from left to right? Or, maybe, it's more reasonable to start somewhere else instead? 

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Actually, that is the main question and the answer at the same time. Although this math puzzle may seem simple to you at first, it can, in fact, be way harder than it looks. If you still struggle with this task, then get ready to find the simple answer!

Just solve the numbers inside the parenthesis first. If you got 26, then you are absolutely correct! Easy, isn't it? Whether or not you've solved the equation, we are sure it made your brain juices flow!

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There are many different ways to solve math puzzles. Remember that the first thing you should do is to identify the problem and set the right question! Look for patterns and figure out the formula, if the problem is extremely complex. 

More importantly, keep giving your brain a daily workout to keep it sharp! 

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