Lover In The Garden: Not Many People Can Find The Lover In The Picture

Date August 5, 2019 17:56

Being able to focus and concentrate is a very important skill that can be useful in your daily life and career.

However, nowadays everything is instantaneous and screens all around show us fast-moving visuals. So it is difficult to pay attention to a particular thing for a long time. This lowers productivity and stops us from staying concentrated and motivated.

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Fortunately, there are exercises that you can train the brain to focus. We are not talking about exercises. We are talking about puzzles and riddles. Today, we offer a wonderful puzzle for you.

Lover in the puzzle

Solving this puzzle is not about knowledge, it isis about how well you can focus to find a hidden image.

Please take a closer look at the image below. Can you answer the question? Where is the lover?

Try to use all your attentiveness. Once again take a look at the picture. You just might spot something peeking. Oops! Did we give you a hint?

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You can boost your attention span by doing such riddles and puzzles

Finally, have you been able to find the lover?

If you look closely, you'll see some strands of hair peeking out from behind the tree and a shoe! That's right! The lover is behind the tree trunk.

Even if you didn't find the lover, that's okay. Here are some tips to improve your concentration skills.

1. Focus on doing one thing at a time. Say 'no' to multitasking.

2. Drink some tea to help your brain.

3. Keep your space free of clutter.

4. Listen to some music without lyrics.

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5. Spend time outdoors. Nature helps to stay concentrated.

6. Take a nap.

7. Meditate.

These tips can help you concentrate. And don't forget about puzzles. Share this wonderful riddle with your friends and family.

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