Tricky Math Equation Is Rather Challenging, And It Isn't Easy To Find The Correct Answer

Date August 12, 2019 22:04

Do you love maths? Most people tend to shy away from mathematics. Moreover, even the mention of math can put them off as they see it as ambiguous. However, if you open yourself to learning math, you will find out that it is exciting and you'll have lots of fun in the process. Apart from the fun, the processes involved in tackling math problems is beneficial to your health.

Solving math puzzles improves logical thinking and helps to develop creativity.

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The more you practice math exercises, the more you tend to find ways to tackle challenges. You would be surprised that realizing you have become open to challenges and braced up to address them.

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Math equation

Here is a math equation to solve. You'd be surprised to see that you really can!


Although it looks simple, not many people can find the correct answer quickly. We won't leave you hanging, so here are several options.

A) 26

B) 36

C) 13

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What was your answer, 13 or 36? Or was it 26?

If your answer was 26, you were right! Good job! Here is how we got this answer.

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You should remember some mathematical rules before trying to solve this tricky task. It is necessary to use the right order of operations PEMDAS, which simply means Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction.

First, you need to solve the equation in the Parentheses: that's the bracket: 2+1=3. Then, you need to bring multiply the 7×(3) you will get 21 and finally 5+21=26.

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That's how we get 26.

Was it easy? Did you find the correct answer quickly? Don't forget that tackling more math problems can improve your logical reasoning! Share this tricky math puzzle with your friends and family to check their mathematical skills.

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