Couple Was Tired Of The Noise From Demonstration Of School Workers, So They Treated Them With Laxative-Laced Cookies


April 17, 2019 12:02 By Mambee

Not everyone is a fan of noise. While many would take steps to put an end to such distractions, this Ohio couple has, however, taken things too far.

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As reported by police authorities, the couple, Bo Cosens and Rachel Sharrock, made laxative-laced cookies for protesting school workers on strike.

Police revealed that the couple complained, on Facebook, about the disturbing noise of drivers honking in support of the protesters. It was a Facebook video posted by Bo that sparked an investigation.

He was arrested on Friday, April 5, for the offensive threats he made to the protesters. He was subsequently released on Monday. It was then he and his partner made the laxative cookies for the school workers.

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Investigators say they found a video of the two mixing the laxative pills into the cookie batter.

Luckily, none of the protesters ate the sugar cookies. Bo and Rachel have been charged with contaminating a substance for human consumption, which is a felony. Also, Bo admitted to drug trafficking also.

We’re glad that police was quick to stop this vile act before any major damage was done.

Hopefully, the guilty couple faces the rightful punishment. There are better and safer ways of settling disputes!

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