How Terrifying! Mother Watches On Livestream As Daycare Worker Maltreats Her Son By Slamming His Head And Aggressively Forcing Him To Nap


April 11, 2019 13:54 By Mambee

A lot of parents are riddled with their multiple jobs, multitasking to provide for their children and keeping their family afloat.

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Understandably, it might be hard to look after the children 24/7 and still cope with work. This is why a lot of parents rely on daycare centers to look after their little children while they work away.

Sadly, these supposedly trusted facilities sometimes do more harm than good. According to statistics, 5,321 daycare providers in the U.S were found to be abusing and neglecting children in their care in 2006. This woman’s toddler was a recent victim.

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A 22-year old woman named Jasmine Torres was arrested by police officials after footage of her abusing an 18-month old toddler was released.

As reported, the child’s mother, Caitlyn Gilmore, was on her lunch break when she decided to check in on her son. The daycare where she keeps her son has a live stream app, where parents can log in watch their children anytime.

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Caitlyn expected to see her son playing, eating or napping away, but she saw him being slammed on a mat by Jasmine, who was trying to force him to sleep.

She was horrified and immediately called her coworkers to watch the live stream. She ran to her child's daycare while they kept on watching.

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One of her workers recorded the stream on her phone and posted it on Facebook as a warning to other parents to be careful with their children.

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One of Caitlyn’s coworkers said that:

”It was horrifying for her to watch. They took him to the ER immediately after the incident, and he checked out to be okay.”

The daycare where Jasmine worked said she no longer worked there and the police arrested her.

It is essential for parents to be vigilant when choosing daycare services for their kids.

1. Ensure you pay attention to the interaction between staff and children when visiting;

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2. Make sure you do a policy check;

3. Get reviews from other parents;

4. Finally, always trust your guts!

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This is a warning for parents to properly check the daycare centers their children attend, and also for daycares to investigate their staff and their background properly. Our kids’ safety should be the top priority.

Having children is the biggest gift in life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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