An Extraordinary Kind Of Operation: Firefighters Assist An Expectant Mother In Delivering Her Baby By The Roadside


April 11, 2019 12:36 By Mambee

It is essential that the delivery of babies be carried out by medical experts in the hospital or assisted by qualified professionals when the mother chooses a home birth. One of the purposes of periodical scans and the declaration of the baby's due date is to guarantee these essentials are met.

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An Extraordinary Kind Of Operation: Firefighters Assist An Expectant Mother In Delivering Her Baby By The RoadsideBignai /

Nonetheless, it happens that unforeseen circumstances cause the arrival of babies to occur outside the four walls of the hospital sometimes. This was the case for a new mother in Florida.

Although this has happened several times, this occurrence is much more intriguing because the expectant mother had been to the hospital earlier that day!

Brittany Holmes is a mother of three girls and was expecting her fourth child.

She was into her ninth month of pregnancy and only had a few days left to the due date. On March 30, Holmes had a contraction that made her believe she was in labor.

But when she got to the hospital, her doctor told her it was a false alarm, and she should go home to rest.

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It was in her car, on her way home, that Holmes realized that she shouldn't have left the hospital because her water broke. She was able to dial 911 despite being in severe pain.

First responders answered her distress call by showing up at her delivery venue at Exxon gas station in Freeport. It turned out Holmes’ intuition was right. She said

“I knew he was coming. I didn’t think it would be that fast.”

Holmes had three girls already, and her family really wanted a boy, which she fondly claims to be the reason ‘he had to come out with a bang.’

The baby boy, whom they named Hagan, and his mother are doing well in the hospital with no complications.

The district chief of Walton County Fire Rescue, Austin Pugh, commended the new mother's bravery and commented on how unforgettable Hagan's birth was.

Also, Hagan is Pugh's father's nickname so March 30th, 2019, 2:42 A.M is not a day he will forget anytime soon.

We commend the emergency rescue team for their assistance. It must have been a huge relief for the courageous woman in labor. We wish the new addition to the Holmes’ family a fantastic start in life!

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