"Too Old For Her:" Fans Believe Kate Middleton Dresses Like A Woman Twice Her Age

August 1, 2019

For many years now, the Duchess of Cambridge has changed fashion rules not only in the United Kingdom but all over the world. Today, Kate Middleton is definitely a fashion icon for many ladies of all ages. She has incredible style and her stunning outfits often steal the show.

However, many fans noticed that sometimes Kate looks older than she is. They felt her fashion choices bordered on frumpy and matronly.

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Kate dresses like an old lady

Fashion experts agree that Kate's style is often too formal and conservative. Celebrity stylist and fashion presenter Naomi Isted told Femail:

"She has to opt for classic and traditional styles. However, as it can be very formal this can at times age her unnecessarily. At times where she's lacking in confidence she might opt for overly formal options."

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Twitter users have their own opinions:

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Why Kate dresses in a such way

While speaking to The Daily Beast, fashion writer Maureen Callahan pointed out that Kate dresses older than her age because she doesn't want to fully commit to either modernity or traditionality in her fashion style.

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Kate is a member of the royal family, so she has to follow strict rules even in her fashion choices. Callahan said:

"Kate’s never really had style. Maybe she’ll grow into it once she develops more of a sense of the kind of royal she wants to be, not the one she’s expected to be. Her clothes feel rather dutiful."

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Kate has always been a beautiful woman, and regardless of how she dresses, she still looks amazing in everything she wears. Do you agree?

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