“Can You See, My Love?”: Once Meghan Markle Called Prince Harry By A Sweet Home Nickname In Public

August 1, 2019

The royal family follows a strict protocol with an emphasis on the correct etiquette. They can't do many things that ordinary people can. But even they have sweet home nicknames that are used only in a family circle. Many royal fans are curious about Meghan Markle's home name for Prince Harry.

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Meghan Markle revealed her pet name for Harry

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry is the younger son of The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales. He usually is referred to as His Royal Highness, but there is a more adorable nickname that is used at home. And once, Meghan Markle accidentally revealed the pet name of her beloved man.

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It happened when the Duke and Duchess of Success met the cast and crew of 'Hamilton' backstage after the gala performance in support of Sentebale, at Victoria Palace Theatre, in London. The couple was posing for pictures when Meghan turned to Harry and did something very sweet. She wanted to know if he was comfortable.

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Meghan said: “Can you see, my love?” Just a second later, she realized that she called Harry by his private name. The audience had no choice but to break out into "Aww!" over the cute moment

Meghan and Harry never gave a reason to doubt their loving relationship, they always look so happy together. The royal couple doesn't hide their love holding hands and putting their arms around each other. And their relationship became even stronger when baby Archie was born.

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It is wonderful to see they are not afraid to show beautiful moments of their marriage.

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We wish their love will continue to grow each and every year.

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