Jesus-Like Figure Beaming Through The Cloudy Sky Of Argentina Causes Major Furor On Social Media

May 17, 2019

Nature can be a miraculous creator sometimes. In March, Alfredo Lo Brutto from Italian town Agropoli captured amazing shots of a Jesus-shaped cloud.

The shape resembled the famous Christ the Redeemer statue which can be found in Rio de Janeiro. It captivated many onlookers as it burst through the grey skies at sunset.

Even though it’s mesmerizing, wait till you see another breathtaking image that blew social media away today.

Argentinian miracle

A viral photo of a Jesus-like figure has been accumulating thousands of views and comments on social media.

The photo, reportedly taken by Mónica Aramayo in San Salvador de Jejuy in Argentina, shows a figure beaming through the clouds, which looks incredibly like Jesus Christ.

Aramayo says she took the photo to “bless” the Internet. She commented:

The Lord will soon come for us all and we should be ready.

Such strange but beautiful images in the sky have been spotted numerous times. Last year, one man from Texas managed to capture a figure of an Angel in the clouds.

Have you ever witnessed a natural beauty like that?