There’s Still Rift Between Harry And William Even After The Cambridges Met Baby Archie, Royal Expert Claims


May 16, 2019 13:34 By Mambee

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie entered this world, it’s time for the baby boy to meet the family.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were among the first who met the new royal baby. The Cambridge couple was introduced to their newborn nephew almost 10 days after.

Kate and William, reportedly visited the Sussex family’s residence, Frogmore Cottage, to meet little Archie. However, it appears that such a positive and exciting event didn’t heal the rift between Harry and William.

The feud is still on

Australia’s Sunrise show’s host, David Koch, claimed that the rift between Harry and William hasn’t magically disappeared with Archie’s birth.

The host insisted:

Okay, there is a rift, I have finally come around to it. To not go and visit your brother with his first kid for over a week, not on.

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Koch’s co-host, Mark Beretta, agreed, saying that the fact that William waited for so long to visit his brother and his first child is a “very obvious sign” that there is a  “problem” between him and Harry.

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However, other experts say that Archie will create an opportunity for the royal brothers to become close again. It was suggested that Harry and William will want their children to do things together so they will work harder on strengthening their relationship.

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It might not happen soon but with time Harry and William might become a strong unity again.