Body Language: Can You Figure Out Which Of These Men Is Interested In You?

February 13, 2019

Reading other people's body language is not easy. Especially considering that sometimes it contradicts what they are saying!

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We offer you to try your intuition and knowledge of men's psychology. Try to answer the question:

Which of these men is really interested in a woman they are talking with?

Look at the picture and say which of these three guys is the most interested in his conversational partner. Imagine that each of them is looking at you during a conversation.

Don't overthink it, trust your inner voice.

So, do you already know your potential admirer? Check your answer below!


Man 1

It is more likely that this man is bored than that he is trying to charm you! Perhaps he would like to change the subject.

Man 2

In this case, the man is clearly interested: he is trying to establish eye contact with the woman and preening up (fixing his tie). He's our guy!

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Man 3

Be careful, this man can be pretending! One side of his face is more active than the other. It means he is experiencing mixed feelings.

If you managed to find the right answer yourself, we applaud you! Knowing body language makes you a more pleasant conversationalist. 

Please share this psychological puzzle with your friends. Let them try!

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