How You Draw An ‘X’ Can Say A Lot About Your Personality

February 14, 2019

It's no secret that many things can tell about a person’s character and personality: the zodiac sign, the palms, facial expressions, and even the way you clench a fist.

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It turns out that the way you draw an ‘X’ will also help you know yourself better. A certified handwriting expert, Kathi McKnight, who has analyzed signatures of various celebrities from Oprah to Barack Obama, is sure of this.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Getty Images / Ideal Image

There are essentially eight different ways to write an ‘X.’ The colored line is the one that a person draws first, and the black line is the second one.

Try to determine which way you usually do it. And now find it in the drawing and learn something new about yourself!

1. You are stuck in the past, although you are trying to move forward.

2. You are a renegade who desperately wants to escape from the past, but it doesn’t let you go.

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3. You are a very impulsive person who tends to rebel for no apparent reason.

4. You are trying to focus on the future, but some part of you still wants to go back. As if you are driving a car while looking only in the rearview mirror.

5. You are an individualist and no one will ever force you to live by someone else’s rules.

6. You are a real trendsetter and life of the party. You know how to fascinate and convince others.

7. You are quite conservative and not inclined to deviate from the norm. You prefer balance, harmony, and order in everything.

8. You tend to think outside the box and are able to find a way out even from a seemingly hopeless situation.

So, how do you draw an X? Do you agree with the interpretation? We are looking forward to your answers in the comments!

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