Husband Training: 5 Annoying Flaws Of A Man That A Wise Wife Can Fix

February 18, 2019

When they say that behind every great man there's a great woman, every wife starts to think of herself as such, even if her spouse is far from being a ‘great man.’

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In fact, a woman does indeed have the power to turn her life partner into a man of which she and their children will be proud. One of the aspects is to help him get rid of bad habits that irritate and bring him down. For this, the spouse must have wisdom, unconditional love, and patience. She must take care of her spouse and show tenderness. Psychologists elaborate on the process of ‘reformation.’

1. It takes him long to make a decision

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This is one of the striking differences between men and women, who immediately begin to act as soon as they learn there is an issue. Men need time for that. They will weigh all pros and cons, consider the problem from different angles because they feel the burden of responsibility. Be patient.

2. He leaves things lying around

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You will have to deal with the echoes of his upbringing with the good-old carrot and stick approach. Continue to pick up the clothes lying around the house and praise your husband for each item placed in the laundry basket. If the carrot doesn’t help, wash only the clothes in the laundry basket, leaving him without clean shirts and underwear a couple of times. When he asks you where the clean clothes are, point at the places where he usually leaves the dirty ones. A laundry basket reflex must be carefully trained.

3. He is a sloppy dresser

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A man is busy solving global problems at work and in the family, so he doesn’t have time for 'nonsense' like discussing his appearance. So, choose his wardrobe yourself, monitor so that he doesn’t run out of cologne, and tell him which hat to put on.

4. He doesn’t appreciate housework

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Tell him about all the things you managed to do while he was at work, fishing, or out with the guys. Men don’t realize how much exhausting and time-consuming housework is. And it is even more effective to let him experience it himself once in a while. Trust him with the children and household for a couple of days.

5. He doesn’t pay compliments

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He just doesn’t know what it is and how to do it. Teach him! Say pleasant things to him more often, praise the children, relatives, and friends in a conversation with him. Make it clear that everyone needs to hear good words.

You can find many more flaws, but here we have a different goal. We wanted to show you that a wise and loving woman can change her man for the better. One more important conclusion: if a man is not a tyrant or an abuser, accept him as he is and be happy together!

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