Chicks Dig Scars? Jason Momoa Finally Shares The Brutal Story Behind His Iconic Eyebrow Cut

May 16, 2019

Jason Momoa was made famous by the iconic beard that made him look like a rugged barbarian. However, another element added tons of mystery to his appearance. His gorgeously-bold eyebrow scar that makes us raise ours. Turns out, it wasn't a natural feature.

Just last month, the Hollywood hunk got rid of his signature beard for a good cause. He shaved only to make a point that we need to change. Jason meant to spread awareness about the use of plastic and how we need to take action. He suggested the use of aluminum which is 100% recyclable as a solution to save our dying planet. Well, at least his hair remains intact.

The backstory of his scar

Many might see his mark of injuries as hideous but, it brought success for Jason. It helped him shed off the babyface look and earn him some seriously bold roles on TV. The story behind his diagonal eyebrow scar is pretty much as brutal as his Hollywood portrayals. Nope, he didn't get it on purpose because girls like scars.

Nearly 10 years ago, Momoa got into a fight with a man who he thinks could be part of a “gang initiation” at the Bird Cafe in Hollywood. His name as he recalls was Dominic Bando. Jason has a tone of somewhat pride as he told New York Post about it:

A guy smashed a pint glass in my face. I got a little over 140 stitches in my face.

He's a softie in real life

This incident of the bar fight might give out the vibes that he's a cool gangsta. However, he's actually a family guy and got the sentiments of a gentleman. Don't believe it? Watch him do the traditional Hawaiin Haka dance with his native folks and two kids.  He almost cried at the end. Aww!

Jason Momoa's looks may be enhanced by some of the attributes but, we love him with or without them. He is a strong and passionate man that the audience dies for all the right reasons. Share this and send him your love.