Family Shares Heartaching Video Honoring Their 15-Year-Old Son, Who Donated His Organs To Help Others

May 17, 2019

A healthy 15-year-old named Mason Bogard lost his life to one of the most deadly internet challenges. His sudden death led his parents to take a decision that no one could possibly think for their child. Nonetheless, they have managed to do something extraordinary to remember him by.

The teenager engaged in the "Choking Game" which involves disrupting the oxygen supply to the brain. On May 1, he attempted this fatal feat in the bathroom and it took a while for his family to get suspicious. When they got in, he was already lifeless. His father gave him CPR before rushing to the hospital. 3 days later, Mason passed away due to brain death.

Being a hero

Mason's family made a brave decision to donate their son's organs. Doing so, they meant to raise awareness against this ridiculous stunt. He remained on life-support while the nurses moved him to the operation theatre. The footage was released to show the scene of despair and hope, happening at the same time.

The teen was a kind and compassionate kid who deserved a special farewell. He was given a brief honor-walk for the heroic deed he was about to perform. The hospital staff was lined up with their hearts aching. Some sobbed while the other prayed. And at the end, he reportedly saved 5 lives.

People paid their respects to him


May God bless Mason and his family. Thinking of you all and how brave and generous you are to give the gift of life x


Thank you for this message to make a difference through your unimaginable loss. So very, very sorry for your pain. Your son is a hero and angel for others. Love & prayers from Maryland.


Love to you and your family. One of my very good friends is alive due to an organ transplant and the generosity of his donor and their family. 
Thank you for making a difference.

It's unbelievable and inspiring how Mason's family turned a tragedy into a prestige. They channeled their absolute pain into serving humanity. That's how Mason needs to be recalled not by a ridiculous challenge which took him away.