Melania Trump Blows Social Media Away As She Appears In $6,000 Elegant Black Gown At A Gala Dinner

May 16, 2019

President Trump and his First Lady hosted an annual White House Historical Association Dinner. The event honors the nonprofit group which was founded back in 1961 by Jacqueline Kennedy.

The gala took place in the East Room of the White House where Melania Trump gave a speech, saying:

The White House Historical Association has been a real partner with my office over the past three years, helping to fund this work and promote the important history and timeless beauty of the White House.

Even though the speech was quite moving, many attendees were left stunned by Melania’s beauty.

The breathtaking First Lady

Melania wowed guests at the gala as she appeared alongside her husband wearing a beautiful black gown.

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The floor-length sleeveless dress accentuated the First Lady’s figure, yet looked extremely elegant and classy.

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The gown looks very similar to the dress designed by Akris, which costs around $6,000. It’s definitely quite an investment, which made us wonder who actually paid for it.

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The First Lady has an impressive net worth so it’s likely that she paid for most of the clothes she wears herself. Moreover, some designers may offer her a discount or even gift their pieces so that she could wear them on public and boost sales.

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That’s why Melania can allow herself to appear in expensive clothes. The price tag might be just a number for the First Lady.