The Famous White House Magnolia Tree, Planted In 1828, Will Be Chopped Down This Season By Order Of Melania Trump

December 27, 2017 14:56

The famous Washington tree – a huge and branchy Magnolia on the south lawn of the White House will be cut off this season.


According to CNN, the order was given by the first lady Melania Trump, and the tree will be removed while the Trump family is away on holidays.

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The first lady tried to avoid this decision, and considered different options of solution, even consulted the United States National Arboretum about the conditions of this tree.

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They concluded, that it is severely damaged by time, weather, and improper treatment and now it can only exist due to the cable support system, which may not serve long. Any time the fall down may be expected.

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The Magnolia tree has quite a history, it was the witness of so many political events of the White House and many residents of it. The former president Andrew Jackson planted it in 1828 to honor his wife Rachel who passed away just at the time of the presidential elections.

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Since then it was an integral part of the White House landscape, and the image of it is placed on the 20 dollar bill.

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Melania plans to plant a new tree at the same place, using the seeding from the Jackson Magnolia. Years will go by till it reaches such a big size, but maybe it will become a new 200-year-old witness of the future history.

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