Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Gave The First Interview Sharing Details About Their Relationships

November 29, 2017 17:50

The story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is so touching, and at the same time simply romantic, they royal family welcomes Meghan as a new family member to be, even though their couple is something new! On Monday on the 27th November, the couple gave interview to the BBC where they shared the special details of their love story.

Meghan was brought up in absolutely different environment, being an America, she didn’t have much knowledge of the royal family, as well as proper understanding of it. They have met through a common friend in London, and impressed each other from the start! Meghan knew so little about Harry, and Harry did not know her at all, so they had a chance to learn each other authentically, from the blank page.

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Up till September 2017 they managed to keep their relationships in privacy, but this is what made it so special. They preferred staying in their cottage just snuggling in front on TV, or cooking together, or inviting friends for dinner.

Even in spite of long distance relationships and different time zones, they managed to focus on each other, and invested all energy into commitment. Sometimes the schedule was really crazy, because they tried to be together as much as possible.

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The proposal was sweet and private too, as they stayed together in their cottage and roasted chicken, Harry kneeled down and before he said anything, Meghan exclaimed – “Can I just say Yes?” They nearly forgot the ring!

The ring, by the way, designed by Harry, has a stone from Botswana, where the couple spent an amazing time in the beginning of their relationships, and two diamonds from Diana's personal collection.

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Meghan says that she is honoured and thrilled to be the part of the family, she was introduced to Harry’s family and felt nothing but approval and  warm hospitality.It is a new chapter for both of them, but they are embracing it, because love conquers all. The way they look at each other and talk about each other shows more than any words.