6-Year-Old Boy Cries Tears Of Joy As He Watches His Mother Walk Down The Aisle To Marry His Father


March 12, 2019 17:27 By Mambee

Granted, weddings are an emotional experience. The bride, the groom and even the guests may get a little bit choked up.

It's nearly impossible to watch two people profess their love to one another without feeling that tug at your heartstrings. However, you hardly ever hear about a little child being overcome with emotion during a wedding.

As the gorgeous bride walked down the aisle in her angelic white dress, her six-year-old son could not help but shed a tear. And this moment was too powerful for words.

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Tearra Suber's wedding was beautiful in many ways but that memorable moment that will go down in family history was when her son, Bryson, was caught on camera with happy tears rolling down his cheeks as he watched his mother walk towards him and his father, the groom, at the altar.

Paul Woo, of Wandering Woo Photography, captured this special moment. The boy's mom, Tearra, later posted one of the photos online and she admitted in the caption that she too actually cried on her big day. She wrote on her Facebook post:

As I stood at the other end of this very aisle, I too cried immensely! Gazing at the crowd of family and friends, my very gorgeous wedding party standing beautiful and sharp!! My King standing tall, handsome, and defiant!! Waiting for ME!!

She was also deeply touched by her son's reaction:

To see him share such strong emotions of joy and happiness for the union of his parents was seriously one of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced to date!

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Woo told Love What Matters that, as everyone stood up to wait for the bride, Bryson began to feel strong emotions.

The photographer was caught between capturing the child's heart-melting reaction and that of the bride walking down the aisle. Fortunately, he succeeded in getting both.

Bryson did recover later on, though, and he ended up having a blast with the guests while celebrating his parents' wedding day.

We can only guess what, exactly, was on Bryson's mind when he burst into tears that day. But there is one thing that no one can have doubts about: His parents wedding was something he had been looking forward to for a while.

This kid is lucky to have their mom and dad together! However, parents' love isn't just about being of the same blood. This touching story is an excellent proof.

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