Finally: Animal Abusers Will Now Be Treated Like Sex Offenders

June 14, 2018 10:37

Animal lovers now have a reason to celebrate. Those who abuse or neglect these beautiful creatures will no longer be able to do so without facing legal ramifications.

A special law that quickly gained momentum made it such that animal abusers would no longer go scot free. Many states in the United States are already implementing an animal offenders registry.

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This works just like the sexual offenders' registry does. It means that the names of animal abusers will be made public.

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Tennessee, for instance, has already begun implementing this registry, while other states and counties are coming up with a similar concept, but in a smaller scale.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is in charge of monitoring the state's animal offender's registry.

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For those people who would like to find and gain access to this information, all they have to do is visit the department and meet the members. An alternative is to walk into any local country office.

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The animal offender registry will reveal the name of the culprit, their date of birth, offense, conviction, and how long they will remain on the list.

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The duration of a criminal staying on that list will depend on how frequently they engage in acts of animal abusive. For a first-time offender, their names will be listed for the standard duration of two years. There will be an additional five years added to those first two years when it comes to repeat offenders.

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Suffolk County was the first to introduce this registry. The county legislator Jon Cooper explained his belief that there is a "strong correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence" and this was what made him look into this solution.

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Almost every serial killer starts out by torturing animals, so in a strange sense we could end up protecting the lives of people.


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Apart from this type of law being ultimately great for mankind, it also gives us peace of mind to know that people who hurt animals just because will now face justice.

Source: WashingtonPost

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