5 Things Around The Home That Can Be Cleaned With Vinegar

December 11, 2017

You have probably noticed that vinegar is an ingredient that always seems to come up again and again when it comes to cleaning solutions. This is because vinegar is a fantastic stain remover and it does not cost a lot.

Here are a few places around the house that vinegar can come in useful.

1. Windows

To make your own window cleaning solution, mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water. Pour into a spray bottle. Then using a dry cloth, spray some of the mixture on the window, then wipe off.

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2. Carpets

Wine stains and other unsightly blemishes on a carpet can be pretty frustrating to remove - but not when you use vinegar. A liquid dishwashing detergent and white vinegar (1 tablespoon each) can be mixed with two cups of water to form the perfect carpet-cleaning solution. Apply some to the stain then blot with a clean cloth. Keep going until the stain disappears.

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3. Dishwashers

According to Carolyn Forte, a director at the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, placing a large measuring cup filled with two cups of vinegar on the top rack can leave your dishes looking sparkling clean. After placing the cup there, just run the machine like you normally would and you don't need to add detergent or heat dry. This will deep-clean all your tableware and pans.

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4. Towels

For this you will also need to skip the detergent. Put your towel in the washing machine and add half a cup of white vinegar.

5. Glue stain

No need to give up arts and crafts because of stubborn glue stains that refuse to clear up from your table. Vinegar can serve as a solvent to dissolve most adhesive.

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Because vinegar can almost always be found lying around, it is important to learn how you can get more out of it.

Source: GoodHousekeeping