He Was Abandoned As A Child Because Of Disfigured Face. He Grew Up To Be A Star

November 17, 2017

Jono Lancaster has Treacher Collins syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that affects how the bone and tissues on the face develop. The positions of the cheekbones, jaws, and chins, in particular, are usually changed. Even though this condition is characterized by facial deformity, it usually does not affect the mental development of the affected person.

As a result of this disorder, Jono had to deal with many instances of bullying while growing up. He revealed in a 2015 interview that he was born with the condition which meant he had no cheekbones and his eyes dipped down.

While sharing his story at the NORD Conference, he also opened up about the fact that his parents were shocked to see what he looked like when he was born, so much so that they just could not face raising him. He eventually had to be taken to foster care.

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At first, Jean, who was Jono's foster parent, tried very hard to reconnect the boy to his biological parents but all her messages and letters to them went unanswered. Finally, she adopted the little boy herself.

As one might imagine, growing up with such a condition was very difficult. Speaking to AdelaideNow in 2014, he said:

I kind of felt like I was on my own, and I felt like I was the only one out in the world that was like me. People are lucky enough to win the lottery or they become professional footballers, doctors, lawyers, but, why did I have to end up looking like this?

Jono did not let this struggle keep him from doing good in the world. As he came to terms with his condition, he decided to help other 'differently-abled' people overcome similar situations. He now travels the world, visiting children and spreading positivity.

He has become quite famous for his charitable works and inspirational story. He now has over 12k followers on his Twitter, 81k on Instagram and 88,000 Facebook fans. He also found love with a beautiful lady named Laura.

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This man's incredible story is proof that anything is possible if you try not to let fear or shame hold you back. We imagine being a child with such a condition was extremely difficult but Jono did not let it hold him back. He accepted who he was, and not just that, he is helping other people around the world do the same too. He was once a child that was abandoned and has now become a man thousands look up to.

Source: Spotlightstorie