After Losing Their Own Child, Couple Adopted A Sick Baby Who Desperately Needed A Family

December 1, 2017 19:17

In a bittersweet tale of love and loss, a couple has won the hearts of internet users for choosing to adopt a baby soon after losing their own child.

Katie and Josh Butler were excited when they found out they were expecting a baby. However, at Katie's 20-week checkup, this joy turned into devastation when they were told that their unborn child had strong markers for a genetic disorder. It was only after their baby was born that they found out the name of the condition: unbalanced translocation of chromosomes six and 10.

Katie told POPSUGAR that since getting that news, the rest of her pregnancy journey was "less joyful."

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Katie was induced at 39 weeks and she gave birth to a baby boy who they named Dewey. They made sure to give the child all the chances to survive and was there for him throughout all his medical complications and surgeries.

The mother said she continued to remain optimistic that Dewey would get better and that someday soon, they would get to take their newborn home. But things did not turn out that way.

During one of his operations, the little boy passed away. Katie said of the heartbreak and pain she felt:

I didn't process it right away because Dewey had almost died so many times. Josh understood right away and dropped to his knees... I chose not to believe it, even after they rolled his little body in on his hospital bed — I was just hoping that Dewey was sleeping.

Two months later, while still struggling with her grief, Katie received a message from a NICU nurse who told her there was a baby in the PICU that needed a family. The bereaved mum did not hesitate. She contacted the child's social worker and got some more information.

The baby in question was "male, very premature, trach, vent-dependent, around a year old." After talking to her husband about it, they decided to foster the child.

Fortunately, they were able to bring home little Braxtel and even though he had some serious developmental delays and other health problems, the family was united and happy.

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Describing Braxtel as "full of joy," Katie said he is a very cheerful little boy and always happy to play,

He is severely developmentally delayed in gross and fine motor skills, and in speech, but we have five therapy appointments a week, plus a home health nurse to get him caught up.

Sure, this family situation is peculiarly challenging and the baby seems to have a tough road ahead of him but little Braxtel came at the right time for this family. The child needed the wonderful parents as much as they needed him. Together, they can heal each other's wounds and offer comfort in a unique way.