To Help Kids Become Intelligent Speakers, All That's Required Is A Little Music

November 7, 2017 21:20

While the ability of a child to read and write is very important, learning to speak is also just as much a crucial aspect of linguistic competence. Helping a child to formulate new words, use them correctly and speak intelligently is a skill that can be taught with the help of music.


A child's verbal skill can affect his/her social development as kids with low verbal skills often have difficulties participating in games and making friends, leaving them feeling isolated.

There are a few things you can do to help your child improve his verbal skills by using music.

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Encourage listening to songs and singing

Exposing kids to music as early as possible will naturally encourage them to sing and this goes a long way in developing their speaking skills. For example, things like children's rhymes which often offer repetition and rhythm are a form of singing your child will appreciate.

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Music also improves your child's vocal imitation, helps her speak more clearly and gives her a chance to express herself with words.

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Music education

In a 2011 Canadian study, it was discovered that exposing kids to music education from as early as 4 years old for only a few days can help improve verbal intelligence.

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Another study even showed that children who are taught to play stringed instruments or piano usually have a higher level of verbal skills. So, it's really never too early to begin building your child's speaking skills through music education.

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Other methods

Of course, music is not the only way to help your child learn to speak better. It is important to start reading to your child as early as possible and continue to do so even after he has learned how to read on his own. Stories are an important way to improve your child's verbal expression.

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In addition, it is also crucial to have conversations with your child. Starting at an early age when they are not capable of reciprocating can also be useful for them.


They get to learn new words even though they are not able to speak them yet. As they develop, they also learn proper speaking and listening skills which were modelled by their parents.

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The most comfortable time to introduce your kids to music is bedtime. Relaxing lullabies will have a soothing effect on your baby; at the same time, such music will contribute to brain development.

Another option is playing music games. You can borrow an idea from a composer Phillip Sheppard.

Helping your child learn how to speak is very dependent on the kind of home environment she's being offered. So put in the effort to stimulate your kids at home using some of these tips mentioned above.

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