'Overwhelmed By Loneliness!' Kathie Lee Gifford Talks About Her Grief Since Losing Her Husband

March 1, 2018

Going from knowing exactly what the rest of your life will look like to having the rug pulled from under you so suddenly can be a devastating experience.




Kathie Lee Gifford knows all too well what it means to lose a great love.




The morning show host and former NFL player, Frank Gifford were a definition of enduring love.




They were married for 29 years but their union was not without its challenges. Despite everything, they stayed together and had nothing but love for one another.


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Unfortunately, everything came to a crashing halt in August 2015 when Frank passed away. This devastating experience turned Kathie's world upside down. And judging from a recent video interview, she's still trying to recover.




The TODAY show co-anchor opened up about her life in a new video for I Am Second. In it, she opened up about her childhood, growing up in the entertainment industry, getting married and subsequently becoming a grieving widow.




Despite all of these, the one thing that has held Kathie together was her faith. It's what has always kept her hopeful and reminds her to be thankful in the face of her loss.


My biggest struggle at this point of my life is loneliness. I've lost my parents, my husband is gone now, and my children live far away from me. There are times when I am overwhelmed by loneliness.





Frank was 84 when he passed away from natural causes in their home. Kathie explained that it was Sunday morning like any other, only this time, she realized her husband had died in his sleep.




I had a peace that passes all understanding. He met Jesus and Jesus took his breath away.








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Kathie and her kids had to go through trying times following Frank's death. What served as comfort was knowing that her husband was now in a better, more peaceful place.




Now, she's determined to continue looking ahead. She takes every single day as a gift and is more focused on the many things she hopes to accomplish.




My joy is non-negotiable. I tell you, that's the beginning of bliss in life. I want to be purposeful in my life. I'm also getting too old to waste any of it.






The video above tells a tale of love and loss, and of getting back up when the loss tries to bring you down. Truly inspiring.

Family is the biggest treasure of all! That is why it is so important to appreciate each other. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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