Great For Eyes, Skin, Bones - And Other Reasons Why You Should Add Avocado To Your Daily Diet

February 28, 2018

We know that generally, fruits and veggies are good for us. But what about avocados specifically? What health benefits do they offer us? Let's take a look at some of them.

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Most people fear that avocados (which, by the way, is actually a fruit) contain a lot of fat. But here's the thing, the kind of fat it has is one that's actually heart-healthy.

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Top health benefits of avocados you should know

1. It lowers your LDL cholesterol:

While filling your body with the good fat, avocados also help you cut down the dangerous cholesterol.

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2. It's very great for your heart:

Because of their fat and fiber content, avocados help to reduce your risk of getting a cardiovascular disease.

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3. Great for eyes, skin, and bones:

Avocados contain phytochemicals such as carotenoids and phytosterols which help to reduce oxidative and inflammatory stress.

4. Helps with weight loss

If you consume avocados moderately, they can actually help in terms of getting you to a healthier weight because they are quite filling. The water and fiber content help you feel full faster and for longer, making it less likely that you will overeat as your day goes on.

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So, how do you eat them?

Depending on how culinarily creative you are, you can eat your avocados in a few different ways. Just keep in mind that it's recommended that you keep the serving sizes to 1/4 to 1/2 an avocado per meal or snack. And try not to eat more than one whole avocado per day.

  1. You can add them to your salad to make for a more filling meal
  2. You can also use avocado instead of mayonnaise for your tuna or egg salad sandwiches
  3. Pasta sauces can be made with avocados
  4. And you can even blend an avocado smoothie.

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So, get in on the goodness of this fruit as soon as you can as it's loaded with many health advantages.

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