Zach Roloff's Wife, Tori, Talks About What It's Like To Be Married To A Man With Dwarfism

January 31, 2018

The Roloff family are famous for their 'Little People Big World' reality show in which they show what it's like to try and navigate life while having a condition known as dwarfism.

Not every member of the family has dwarfism but Zach, who is married to Tori does.

Tori Roloff / Instagram

Tori Roloff has never been shy when it comes to expressing her love for her husband, regardless of his size. And this particular social media post serves as a great reminder that at the end of the day, all we should look for in a partner is what's in their heart and not just their looks.

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A couple of days ago, Tori narrated how she was walking around in Target when she heard a conversation between a couple. The man told his wife, "well at least I’m taller than you,” to which she replied, "well I would hope so.”

Tori Roloff / Instagram

The conversation got her thinking about how people "have the idea of beauty and love so backwards." She explained that outwards appearances do not guarantee love or a stable partnership, only inner beauty can.

I don’t love Zach because of how he looks (although he is quite handsome if I do say so myself) but rather what things weigh on his heart.

TTori Roloff / Instagram

She went on to say her man's height does not really matter to her. In fact, not having to wear high heels is a plus.

I can’t imagine my life if I had never given my husband a chance because he was shorter than me.

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TTori Roloff / Instagram

Her beautiful message is really a lesson in unconditional love. Tori probably get a lot of negativity from people who believe she should not be with Zach but from the love that these two share, it's clear that they are perfect for each other.

TTori Roloff / Instagram

As long as you are truly happy with the person you've chosen and you love them unconditionally, that's really all that matters.