Stunning 11-Year-Old Albino Twins Are Going Viral Thanks To Their Unique Beauty

December 1, 2017 17:34

Two beautiful ladies have become the toast of the Brazil fashion industry mainly because of their incredibly unique look.

Lara and Mara Bawar's striking appearance causes everyone who comes across them to take a pause. At just 11-years-old, they are already making waves and getting more popular by the day.

The girls, from São Paulo, Brazil, have a condition known as albinism which is characterized by a lack of skin and hair pigment. While some may see it as an unattractive attribute, these ladies are spreading their wings and embracing what makes them stand out.

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In 2016, a Swiss photographer, Vinicius Terranova, noticed the Bawar twins' beautiful pale features and decided to feature them for his personal project, Flores Raras (“rare flowers”). The twins, as well as their elder sister Sheila, who did not have albinism, was photographed to truly capture the diversity.

Now all three ladies, Lara, Mara and Sheila have been signed to model for Nike, Insanis and Bazaar Kids. They are also getting quite famous on social media too with over 124,000 Instagram followers.

Vinicius, who lives in Sau Paulo, described the girls as incredibly talented, confident and intelligent. Despite the fact that they are so young, they are very professional and great to work with. In a few words, he explained his reason for choosing the girls.

A beauty that is not that uncommon but rather rarely perceived while out there every day, ready to be noticed and given its deserved spotlight. A plea to the power of diversity, it represents the encounter of their sublime beauty.

The twins revealed that they were never really self-conscious about their albinism.

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"We feel albinism is pretty," Lara said, adding that they love everything about their body including their hair, eye colour and skin tone.

Mara added that growing up with the condition was amazing. "we love being different," she said.

We can clearly see that these girls' appeal is not just about how they look but also about their self-confidence. They consider themselves beautiful and ultimately, gave us all the chance to see that beauty, both inside and out. Very admirable.

Source: DailyMail